Boilermakers are Bowl-Bound!


The Purdue Boilermakers have claimed the Old Oaken Bucket as of November 25, 2017. The team squared off against Indiana University with an ending result of 31-24. For the Boilermakers, it is time to celebrate. For Indiana University, they are forced to accept a tough loss and the fact that their season is over. The Hoosiers have a lot of work to do in order to prepare for a successful 2018 season. Struggling this year, Indiana University lost their first six games of the BIG 10 conference. They were ready to give it everything they had against Purdue. During the bucket game, Purdue University took advantage of all resources, finishing the game with their second highest rushing total for the season.

The team came in with the mindset of champions, for they were not going to tolerate Indiana University beating them at their own home stadium. Jackson Anthrop brought his “A” game after rushing for his first two scores of the season, while Markell Jones ran for a career high of 217 yards, serving as a nice combination allowing Elijah Sindelar to throw for two scores. With all the success of Purdue’s players, the Hoosiers could not keep up until they were able to claw back in the last quarter. The resurgent Hoosiers rallied as they were able to score two unanswered touchdowns, however the Boilermakers held their ground to bring home the bucket. The atmosphere afterwards was electric. Students and players came together to collect the trophy, as fans stormed the field. The bucket is not the only thing the Boilers brought home after this intense game; plane tickets to the west coast were in order for this newly bowl-qualified team. The Boilermakers are heading to Santa Clara, California on December 27th to take on Arizona State in the Foster Farms Bowl Game.