President Daniels Question and Answer Event Announced

The Liberal Arts Student Council presents: 'President Daniels Q&A' on January 29 from 6-8pm in Beering 2290. This event is open to all majors and colleges within the Purdue community

The Liberal Arts Student Council is very excited to be able to give students an oppurtunity to  watch as President Daniels takes questions form the Liberal Arts Student Council (LASC). 

This event may be a part of a larger series of Q&A events hosted by the LASC that will allow students to connect with college deans and other Purdue faculty. According to council members at this stage of the process, the goal is to allow students to grasp a better understanding of general inquires about their dean’s responsibilities to pointed questions about their majors. The council is working right now to have their questions prepared in advance in order to assure that all requests are covered in the time allotted.

Purdue Parties Smart

Have you recently spotted the hashtag #PurduePartiesSmart hung around the corec? If not, you may have seen the @BoilerWellness twitter account and wondered what it was for.  Purdue Student Wellness has paired with the university to advance their campaign of promoting safe and cautious partying. They are promoting their campaign by presenting statistics based on sticking with friends, drinking habits, and what to do when a party goes wrong. Their goal is to provide students with tools to make safe and healthy choices, help students avoid alcohol poisoning, and encouraging friends to step in when things get out of hand.

Boiler Wellness came out to report several statistics that were found within the student body.  They found that almost 80% of Purdue students use a designated driver even when they’ve only had 1-2 drinks. Moreover, almost 90% of students eat food before, or while they are drinking alcohol. What seemed nerve-wracking, was the statistic that only 44% of students alternate between water and alcohol when they choose to attend a party.

Boiler Wellness is aspiring to make a change on this campus. Their twitter, as well as their advertising strategies to promote the campaign, are centered around tips and recommendations of how to react when something goes wrong. If you would like to have encouraging tweets on your time, follow @BoilerWellness on twitter and remember to stay safe and cautious whenever you are out on campus!

Boilers Ranked 3rd by Associated Press


The 2017-18 basketball season has been an exhilarating one for Purdue fans. After recovering from a nasty loss at the Battle 4 Atlantis on Thanksgiving Day, the Boilermakers have been on a 13-game winning streak, and the polls suggest this streak just may lead to a championship title.

After Saturday’s electric 81-47 victory against Minnesota, the Boilermakers now rank No. 2 on the KenPom leaderboard and No. 3 in the latest AP Poll. These ratings completely blow last year’s ratings out of the water. At this time last year, Purdue ranked No. 19 on KenPom and No. 17 on the AP Poll. Purdue has jumped 17 and 14 places respectively, which is practically unheard of!

But with these high rankings comes an urgency.

Basketball fans have put a hulking amount of pressure on the team, especially on seniors Dakota Mathias, P.J. Thompson, Isaac Haas, and Vincent Edwards, to continue winning. With every win, the Boilermakers’ claim for the throne garners more and more attention.

A championship win wouldn’t be completely unheard-of for Purdue, though. The Boilermakers have actually claimed this title once before, back in 2009. If you ask me, a Big Ten championship is long overdue, and if you consider the numbers and the team’s fluid rapport, this is the perfect group of players to bring that title home.


Boiler Up!

President Daniels Celebrates and Challenges the Purdue Community in 2017 Open Letter

Read the full letter here


It has become a tradition for President Daniels to release an open letter to the Purdue community at the start of each new year. Daniels kept with this trend once again this past week, issuing an extensive review of the major events which occurred at the University throughout the past year. The president proudly spoke of the “Degree in 3” program, debuted by the College of Liberal Arts to not only allow students to graduate in three years, but to save up to $19,000 during the course of their education. He stated his hopes for “…incoming Boilermakers [to] take advantage of this chance to reap those benefits while showing the world what go-getters they are.” Along the same lines financially, Daniels reminded the community of his institution of a sixth consecutive tuition freeze year, allowing total student debt to fall 37%. 57% of 2017 graduates were debt free, displaying the powerful effect this action truly has on students and families.


From an academic standpoint, Daniels commented on grade inflation, which is sweeping through higher education, describing it as, “…counter[ing] to the longtime Purdue culture of challenging students and pressing them to reach their full potential.” However, Daniels attributed the increase in student academic achievement at Purdue to the increasing quality of freshmen. While a more detailed report analyzing possible grade inflation on Purdue's campus will be released later this year, Daniels stands firmly in his belief that, “…in a sea of leniency, a university that maintains tough standards of performance will set itself and its graduates apart in a highly positive way.  Purdue’s record of nearly universal job placement supports this contention.”


The president also voiced his support for the purchase of Kaplan University, recently dubbed Purdue University Global, stating that the move brought Purdue up to speed with many other universities in terms of educational access for more students. While the purchase was questioned by some, Daniels upheld his doctrine that providing education to as many people as possible is in the spirt of our land-grant institution.

7 Study Spaces to Maximize Your Spring Semester

Sayonara, Syllabus Week!  It's time for the Spring semester to starting throwing its true punches at us, and as any upperclassman will advise you: study as far away from your bed as you can. After coming off the Fall semester, most Boilermakers know that the second greatest challenge, behind pulling an all-nighter, is where to pull it, and if you start off right, it may never be necessary! Go-to study spots like Hicks, HSSE, and WALC, are crammed all semester long, and with Greyhouse closed for renovations, here is a quick list of some study spots that will probably not be as crowded throughout the year:  

  1. The library on the 3rd floor of the Math building

  2. The Stacks in the back of HSSE’s first floor

  3. The basements of Tarkington and Wiley

  4. The 2nd and 3rd floor of Rawls  

  5. Group study spots available in CL50 1st floor, and REC 3rd floor

  6. The West Lafayette Library   (10 am to 5 pm on Sat, 1 pm to 5 pm on Sun)

  7. Vienna Coffeehouse (8 am to 12 am Sat & Sun)

Lastly, don’t be afraid to utilize empty classrooms. If the door is open and no one is in there, snatch it up before someone else does!

Greetings From the Press Secretary



We are very excited to roll out this brand new newsletter 'Boiler Update'. My name is Jeremy Wasowicz and I am the Student Body Press Secretary through Purdue Student Government.

As an organization our primary focus this year has been on you, the student. One of our biggest initiatives was laying the groundwork for this newsletter. This newsletter will serve to provide content to the student body about various news peices pertaining to Purdue University, Student Life, Purdue Sports and Student Organizations. We hope that through this newsletter you will feel more informed as to the happenings of Purdue as well as discover ways to get involved and make the most of your time at this outstanding institution.

I would also like to take a moment to thank my talented and driven team of Staff Writers for their contribution of content for this newsletter, the Student Body President, Sam Eschker, whose conversations with administrators made a student run newsletter possible, The Executive Director of Communications Carley Jagel and her team for creating graphics for the letter, and my Deputy Press Secretary, Jeb Burnet, for his continued work behind the scenes on content management and formatting.

Staff Writers:

  • Rachel Silber 

  • Chloe Weber

  • Katherine Ross

  • Bethany Simon

  • Kristina Anderson

  • Jessie Keppler

  • Sierra Nuzzo

  • Dalton Griffin

  • Sherry Zheng 

  • Elizabeth Nicholls

  • Maddie Deselem

I wish you all the best of luck in the semester and year to come!