President Daniels Question and Answer Event Announced

The Liberal Arts Student Council presents: 'President Daniels Q&A' on January 29 from 6-8pm in Beering 2290. This event is open to all majors and colleges within the Purdue community

The Liberal Arts Student Council is very excited to be able to give students an oppurtunity to  watch as President Daniels takes questions form the Liberal Arts Student Council (LASC). 

This event may be a part of a larger series of Q&A events hosted by the LASC that will allow students to connect with college deans and other Purdue faculty. According to council members at this stage of the process, the goal is to allow students to grasp a better understanding of general inquires about their dean’s responsibilities to pointed questions about their majors. The council is working right now to have their questions prepared in advance in order to assure that all requests are covered in the time allotted.