Purdue Parties Smart

Have you recently spotted the hashtag #PurduePartiesSmart hung around the corec? If not, you may have seen the @BoilerWellness twitter account and wondered what it was for.  Purdue Student Wellness has paired with the university to advance their campaign of promoting safe and cautious partying. They are promoting their campaign by presenting statistics based on sticking with friends, drinking habits, and what to do when a party goes wrong. Their goal is to provide students with tools to make safe and healthy choices, help students avoid alcohol poisoning, and encouraging friends to step in when things get out of hand.

Boiler Wellness came out to report several statistics that were found within the student body.  They found that almost 80% of Purdue students use a designated driver even when they’ve only had 1-2 drinks. Moreover, almost 90% of students eat food before, or while they are drinking alcohol. What seemed nerve-wracking, was the statistic that only 44% of students alternate between water and alcohol when they choose to attend a party.

Boiler Wellness is aspiring to make a change on this campus. Their twitter, as well as their advertising strategies to promote the campaign, are centered around tips and recommendations of how to react when something goes wrong. If you would like to have encouraging tweets on your time, follow @BoilerWellness on twitter and remember to stay safe and cautious whenever you are out on campus!