Purdue Cheer Wins Nationals

With an incredible start to 2018, the Purdue Cheerleading Team dominated in Division 1 co-ed UCA College Nationals. The squad competed in Orlando, Florida from January 11th until January 15. On the 13th, the team competed in semi-finals around 4:30 PM, and found out about their victory that night, at 6 PM. After being deemed champions, they had their final third performance that night for an ESPN recording. 

As one can imagine, the energy of Purdue’s Cheer Team was unbelievable. The team was led by captains Taylor Scheid, Nina Deligio, and Gunther Balensiefer. The team spirit was high since day one of the season. The last two years, the Boilers have come close with getting second place, but this year was different. The athletes were determined and hungry to win. 

Heather Bozman, junior on the team, explained “From the opening tumbling the energy began, and then it continued to build from the first stunt, to the cheer, all the way to the ending pyramid.” She explained that the team went out there, gave it their all, and walked away with confidence of a victory. As the day began to wind down, the Boilers were beyond proud and motivated by their hard work paying off for first place, with Ball State coming in second, and University of Alabama-Birmingham coming in third.