Purdue Student Government Hosts Free Speech Panel


Purdue Graduate Student Government and Purdue Student Government's Diversity and Inclusion Committee hosted a Free Speech Panel on January 18th. The evening commenced with an open panel consisting of Purdue's Chief Counsel Steven R. Schultz, Purdue's Vice President for Ethics and Compliance Alysa C. Rollock, FIRE’s Vice President of Policy Reform Azhar Majeed, and Bioethicist and Author Alice Dreger. The panelists fielded questions asked by PSG President Sam Eschker and PGSG President Marcela Martinez. The topics ranged from what does freedom of speech mean at Purdue compared to other universities, what constitutes hate speech, and the relationship between free speech and academic research. Following the panel members of the cabinet of both Student Governments, Purdue Administrators, and the panelists continued the conversation over dinner. 

This panel was a great opportunity to continue the conversation about free speech at our university, as well as educate students of their rights. We would like to congratulate Ellen Praught and her committee for planning such an important event.