Boiler Update FAQs Answered By Student Body President Eschker

Since the launch of our newsletter, many students have reached out to us with questions about its prompting, design, and frequency, among other things. The following questions were provided to us courtesy of Creighton Suter at the Exponent and our answers will give you some insight into the publication.


Are the staff writers members of PSG?

Yes! They work under the Student Body Press Secretary as part of the Purdue Student Government Board of Directors.

What motivated PSG to develop and release a newsletter?

Distribution of information to students has become largely decentralized, with colleges and programs each sending their own newsletters to students. These definitely serve an important purpose. Some campus news, however, is important for all students to receive. For example, many students would have been unaware that the Industrial Roundtable required registration last Fall, if it weren’t for a last-minute campus-wide email on the matter. This newsletter makes it easier to reach students and to prevent situations like that from arising.

Are there any other similar outreach programs PSG plans on undertaking this semester from a communications perspective?

We’re treating this newsletter as a new vehicle for outreach. In that vein, we do not have similar undertakings this semester. However, we will continue to be active on social media and encourage all students to follow us on Instagram (@purdue_sg).

How often is it going to be published?

Right now, our release schedule is every other Wednesday.

Is the Boiler Update going to contain any PSG specific news in the future, or is it purely a general, Purdue-wide newsletter?

The Boiler Update will contain PSG specific news in the future, but we will always strive to provide coverage of other important campus news. If any campus organizations wish for us cover an upcoming event in the newsletter, they can email PSG at