Dorm Room Recipes


Do you often find yourself looking for a snack right after dinner? Forget that! Prepare yourself for a whole new world of easy dorm room recipes. In order to succeed as a chef in your dorm room, it is crucial to have a microwave and a mini fridge. 

Whether you’re in a hurry for class or you have time for a leisurely breakfast, you have options. Microwaveable eggs is an ongoing hit. In order to make scrambled eggs in the microwave, spray a cup or mug with oil, then crack one or two eggs into your cup/mug. Put them in the microwave for twenty seconds, flip, mash, and stir. Then repeat.

If you’re craving something sweeter, go ahead and prepare yourself a cookie in a mug. You deserve it! This simple recipe is healthy and delicious. In order to make yourself an oatmeal cookie, you will need a microwave, a large mug, oats, peanut butter, syrup, and brown sugar.

First, place a half cup of oats in the mug, followed with one cup of water. Stir together and heat in the microwave for about forty-five seconds. Then, after the oats have softened, add in one tablespoon of peanut butter, a splash of syrup, and a tablespoon of brown sugar. Stir together, pop back in the microwave for thirty seconds, and voila! You have yourself an oatmeal cookie in a mug. 

If you find yourself with more of a hearty craving, the pizzadilla never disappoints. For this you only need two or three ingredients: two tortillas, your favorite cheese, and some pepperonis (if you want to get wild).

First, lay down one tortilla on a plate and add your desired amount of cheese (and additional toppings if you want them). Then lay the other tortilla on top. Heat in the microwave for about one minute. There you go! That’s it.

Another option is nachos. The ingredients are similar, but include a few canned vegetables. Microwaveable nachos are great with your favorite cheese, canned chili beans, corn, tomatoes, and tortilla chips or crackers. 

For this dish just place the chips on a plate, spread cheese over them, and microwave for about thirty seconds. Once the cheese has started to slowly melt, remove the plate and add your toppings of beans, corn, and tomatoes. Finally, put it back in the microwave for another additional thirty to forty seconds—and your dinner is complete!

As our second semester chugs full steam ahead, feel free to treat yourself to one of these recipes. You won’t regret it.