'Group X' Pass Drops in Price


Like most people, I occasionally found it hard to get excited for a workout. I knew that working out is good for me, but there is always something I would rather be doing. To try to break this cycle, I decided to try the Group X classes at the CoRec that I had heard many of my friends rave about. I knew that if I could be part of a class, I would be more willing and excited to go to the gym.

I was surprised at how many classes were offered every week, after finding the Group X schedule online. Classes such as Zumba, Yoga, Barre, and Total Body Conditioning are offered during most hours of the day, so you are bound to find a class at a time that you are able to attend. The classes are taught by Purdue students who are all extremely passionate about fitness and about helping their students reach their highest potential. The instructors are focused on making sure that you do every move in the healthiest way possible so you don’t injure yourself.

In order to go to a class, you have to have some form of a Group X pass. The full Group X pass will get you an unlimited number of classes for the entire semester. Lucky for you, on February 1st the price of the full pass was reduced from $50 to $40. This means it’s the perfect time to buy one! However, if you want to try just one class before committing to the full pass, like I did, you can go to the front desk at the CoRec and ask for a one-day pass. This pass is $5, and it gives you access to a day of classes so you can make sure that you enjoy them.

We have all heard about the benefits that exercising has on the brain, so why not use Purdue-provided programs, like Group X, as both a study break and as a way to strengthen your brain?