Cancer Prevention Internship Program Looking for Applicants

Purdue will never run out of undergraduate research opportunities, which strengthen resumes for graduate school and beyond. Yet none emerge as far from the pack as the Cancer Prevention Internship Program (CPIP). This unique blend of research and internship allows for undergrads to work alongside faculty members in an interdisciplinary department, and the best part is that it’s open to all majors.

The available projects vary greatly and include Dr. Kirchmaier’s “Metabolic Impact on Epigenetic Processes,” Dr. Mattoo’s “Role of Fic-Mediated Post-Translational Modifications in Gastric Cancer,” and Dr. Shields’s “Examining Patient Role in Cancer Pain Management.” Students may also explore archived projects on the Purdue Office of Undergraduate Research webpage, where the application may be found as well.

The student outreach for this research opportunity is not limited to any specific major or particular year in their studies. However, past research experience gets preference on the application. Applicants are encouraged to review and elaborate on where their interest stems from. By using a Likert Scale students may rank their prospective reasons, which may include a preference to work with a specific faculty member, to gain experience for grad school, course credit, and/or resume enhancement, among others. Upon completion, students are required to undergo three individual projects prior to the March 2nd deadline.

Potential scholarship money may offer hesitant students an incentive to apply. Funds offered include a $4,500 summer fellowship and additional $250 for students who continue into the academic year.

Purdue University is our home, yet this opportunity may lead certain savvy and gifted Boilermakers to make themselves stand out among their peers and earn a riveting opportunity in the process.