Run For PSG Office

Call out dates. Will be covering more of what you need to know to run!

Call out dates. Will be covering more of what you need to know to run!

About the Purdue Student Government (PSG):

Purdue Student Government is a student-run and operated organization that serves the student body by advocating student concerns to students, faculty, community members, administration and alumni. In other words, PSG is the voice of the student body. PSG provides an opportunity for experience in leadership roles and civic responsibility. Purdue Student Government also acts as a social network for its members, providing them with an active community of hard-working fellow leaders who are all working for a greater cause.

Why run for PSG Senate?

The PSG Senate offers an opportunity for you to serve the college that you are apart of at Purdue! You and other senators at Purdue will have the chance to voice opinions, draft legislature, and be a part of important conversations regarding Purdue University and the direction that it is headed. Additionally, the senators assist in the oversight of the Purdue student body working alongside the Purdue University staff and faculty. As a Senator, you would have the opportunity to approve SFAB funding, which awards over $1 million to student groups each year, as well as approving Student Court justices, Cabinet positions, and changes to the governing documents such as the Constitution, Bylaws, and Election Rules.

How do I run for the PSG senate?

  1. Student Senators running to represent their respective schools shall be elected from and by the students of their respective schools during the election.
  2. Each member of the Student Body wishing to be placed on the ballot for consideration of office must submit a petition for candidacy with lesser of five percent or one hundred constituents enrolled within their school supports their candidacy.
  3. Petitions must be completed and turned into SAO and the elections director before the deadline. Email the Elections Director at for more information regarding the deadline.

Why run to be the Purdue student body President and Vice President?

The President gets the opportunity to represent the Student Body to the Purdue University Board of Trustees, and reporting to PSG of the actions currently being considered by the Trustees. Furthermore, the Student Body Vice-President shall be the President of the Student Senate, and shall perform the duties of the Student Body President in the event the Student Body President is disabled or is no longer a member of PSG.

How do I run for the PSG President and Vice President?

  1. The Student Body Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates shall run for office as a single, non­splitting ticket.
  2. Must have a petition for candidacy with at least one-twentieth of the Purdue Student Body support filed to the Elections Director by March 8th.
  3. Run a fair race that does not go against the election rules and represents the student body well