Three Branches




Comprised of the Cabinet and Board of Directors, the executive branch is responsible with carrying out the day to day operations of Purdue Student Government at the discretion of the Student Body President.



The Purdue Student Senate, comprised of three Senators from each academic college and chaired by the Student Body Vice President, has the authority to pass bills and resolutions on behalf of the student body oversees the annual student fee allocation.



The Purdue Student Supreme Court serves to resolve internal conflict in Purdue Student Government, inform students about their constitutional rights, and review disputed campus parking tickets.

From the Constitution of the Purdue Student Government:


Serving as the primary representative organization of the undergraduate student body, Purdue Student Government seeks to act as a liaison between the Purdue University administration, governmental authorities, and the student body in order to serve the needs of Purdue students and to enhance the student experience at Purdue University.

In support of this mission, Purdue Student Government is dedicated to:

  • Conducting all business with the utmost professionalism and consideration, and

  • Encouraging initiatives that address the concerns of the student body and future prosperity of Purdue University and Purdue Student Government, and

  • Defending the rights, interests, and voices of the student body.